Apartment Design for Limited Area in a Loft

You need to think extra deep to choose a good apartment design to make a small room look larger. One concept that you have to think about is dealing with the space. Space is really important here. You need to make it efficient and functional. Well, it cannot be denied that you have some limitations in design and set the element. Functional and dual purposes are the solution to do the project. Well, this article will give you two ideas that you can implement in your limited area. The ideas are about color game and furniture puzzle. Just read this following article then.

White for a Dominant Color in Apartment Design

You are able to create larger illusion by playing a color game. White is the best option for it. You can get some benefits by choosing this brilliant color for apartment design. First, the color is identical with modernity. Second, it is included into neutral color so that you are able to combine the color to any color. Harmony and balance can be brought from vibrant colors coming out from curtain, bedding, and art.

Functional Furniture for Apartment Design

The problem that you have to overcome in apartment design for a small room is furniture. You cannot set some heavy furniture since there is not enough area there. You can start that by choosing functional furniture. Furniture with dual purposes is recommended since you do need to set many furniture items in the room. You can get more than one function in one item only. For instance, you can choose a bed completed with drawers. Extra area underneath the bed will make you reduce clutters in your studio apartment room.

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Modern Apartment Design

Small Apartment Design

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After reading the tips, you may have some inspiration and ideas how to make your apartment room look stunning and magnificent. Just choose white for the dominant color in your room elements and set functional furniture to reduce clutters in apartment design.