Art Deco Bathroom Designs

Art Deco Bathroom is the latest model of exclusive bathroom design. The design is created by the high effort of art work to make the glamour look of modern bathroom design. Many residences and big hotel use this model for this bathroom design. Art deco furniture for bathroom product is offering the high elegant value as bathroom properties and composition. The classic style is showed by the geometric path on the wall pattern or flooring design. It usually takes the path on square shape of black and white ceramic flooring like a chest plat.

The Composition of Art Deco Bathroom

Art deco is famously use for any industrial designing for furniture, painting, and graphic. Art deco styles is very popular at this modern life, it uses for furniture industry also including bathroom. It means this bathroom is making by the cozy furniture with classic design like silver mirror or wooden desk. All the building inside is making by all modern design. Then art deco bathroom is using the combination of some old classic furniture with high class of artistic design surely to put on modern fabulous design of art deco bathroom.

Style of Elegant Art Deco Bathroom

The grey glossy wall from marble is modern wall design that using classic color (grey is the color of old wooden property right?) combined with white bath up. You can put a big vase of flower bunch near the big glass window that show you the outside scenery with green view and blue sky. The window has a white curtain and some candles are put in the corner of bath up with aromatherapy of lavender on your beautiful art deco bathroom.

Art Deco Bathroom

Boat Art Deco Bathroom

Art Deco Bathroom Tile

Art Deco Bathroom Design

The bathroom cabinet is made by transparent glass and silver wash basin. The classic golden mirror is adhered on the wall. Bathroom that specially designed for super modern look with some touch of classic with the combination old classic property in elegant design and new design of full modern design of home or room. You can see the super elegant of art deco bathroom design for your home by the bathroom illustration bellow.