Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Attic bedroom design ideas is always been a great chance for the homeowners to increasing their home value. Attic bedroom design is an old strategy to expand your living space at home, but up until now, this trick still become the smartest way to multiply the use and value of empty space in a home. At first, you may have been a little confused about how to decorate an asymmetrical space, but with a right technique, you can make the asymmetrical the advantage instead of burden in designing bedroom.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Attic bedroom design ideas is different challenge; unlike other spaces in the home, when you designing attic bedroom, you will play a lotwith proportion and dimension, how to make it fit in the room, fit with other furnish, and match both with the size and colors. Below are some ideas to design bedroom attic and simple steps how to realize it.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Actually you can set other ideas to fill your attic with activity, but bedroom can be the best theme that can be set there considering the composition possible to be applied in. The general ideas to design attic bedroom are how to make the room generates the feeling of comfortable, calm, relaxing, and peace.

The  bed is always become the center of the room. And because this furnish  is the largest in size, put this thing first inside your attic bedroom, while other furnish will follow. Put only necessary furnish and decoration. The ideal attic bedroom design never comes with a lot of decoration. Related to the ideal proportion, try to find the best furnish arrangement that will lead to more space available. Choose light or pale colors. Pale green, pale blue, eggshell white, and light wooden brown.

Attic Bedroom Design Tips

Some tips how to get the best attic bedroom design are about making the space generate the calm and relaxing feeling.

  • The best way to put your bed is on one side of the attic where the roof is higher. This will ease you in attaching the fan above the bed. In the middle of summer season, the air conditioner sometimes is not enough to cooling the heat. The fan will help you enjoying the room whenever heat comes in. You can also put it in the lower ceiling, and remember to put standing fan somewhere around your bed.
  • You can add a seating place next to your bed. Just add a loftbed, or cozy puffy sofa on the other side of your attic.
  • If there is a empty space left, you can also add a small bookshelves, end table, and standing lamp or small closet nearby.
  • Bedroom attic design is not made to carry on a lot of furniture. Keep it simple and spacious is better. Let the air circulation work well in the entire room.

Conclusion of Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Designing attic bedroom is require more proportion calculation rather then other room. The general ideas is to make the bedroom look relaxing and comfortable.

Asymmetrical which are the greatest challenge on bedroom attic design, can be the advantage by putting your bed in the right position and right color chosen.