Awesome Boy Rooms

Deciding room decoration for boys seems much simpler than girls’ since it only involves simple furniture and accessories options. However, some people still get some troubles with deciding the right theme, color, furniture and decorations to go with their boy’s taste. If this happen to you too, here are some awesome boy rooms ideas for your references.


First thing first, ask your boys what they want their room to be in the future. Make sure that you find the right theme and colors. Theme can be deciphered from their hobbies. It can be space, natural, sports or science theme. After that you can ask your boy what his favorite color is and use that color as you basic line to get your awesome boy rooms ideas. Remember that brighter and neutral colors are good for children for it brings out light and less depressing than the darker ones.Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas

Remember to choose function over style for your awesome boy rooms ideas. Take a look at your bedroom space; if it is small you need to adjust the right furniture to accommodate your boy’s activities. During their childhood, you will need more space for them to play around and also hang out with friends. Consider buying a small single bed for one boy and a bunk bed for two boys in your room. Choose also smaller and compact cabinets to give more free space for your kid’s playground. Hanging storage, open shelving and drawers are perfect options for storage which do not consume lots of space.

Awesome Boy Rooms Images

As for decorations, choosing something that they make and memorable for them will be better than buying stuffs in the stores that do not have anything to do with their memory. You can use your kids’ art works or projects at school as your awesome boy rooms decorations options.  If they have favorite figurines or characters, you can always have their posters and hang them on the walls for decorations options. Inspiring words or quotes can be used also for their motivational sources.

Set your furniture as safe as you can to accommodate your boy’s activity. Set them in a way that they can reach their belongings easier and without causing them any dangers or troubles. Choose furniture with curved edges and soft surface to prevent your boys of getting hurt while they are playing. Kids are prone to bumps and slip. Soft rugs can be other options both for hanging our space and playing ground if you have limited space in your awesome boy rooms.

Boys are different with girls. They are highly active and less complicated, but choosing the wrong design for their bed will cause you more troubles than you do with girls.