Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces are start to gain the popularity since long time ago. In older days, bathroom designed to be quite larger, equipped with bathtub, shower, and toilet at the same space. People start to make efficiency effort in designing bathroom by separating the toilet function with bathing function. They start to make dry toilet and keep them warm and dry even after you using it. The bathroom however tends to design to be simpler. Bathtub is rarely found in smaller space of bathroom, as the implication is a lot of shower model made to meet the need. The showering room usually designed with glass door to save the space more and increase the artistic value.

Small Spaces Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces also suitable for modern home design. The use of glass, bright colors choice and tile or ceramic as the main material made the small space bathroom look really identical with these things whatsoever. The advantage of setting the small bathroom design is that you have more space use as sink, a place to wash your hands after use the bathroom, you can even design it with flashy and stylish. You can choose white ceramic as the sink; put it in front of the mirror.

The most common color use to make good bathroom ideas for small spaces is the combination of white, black, and grey. White and black are comes from the use of tile, grey usually coming from the steel or metal furniture use in the bathroom like the shower, tap, door handle and towel shelves. This combination of colors will make the bathroom look clean and neat.

Small space of bathroom ideas is suitable for modern home design. The combinations of color make the whole bathroom look neat and clean; also ease you to do the daily maintenance.