Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

Bathroom decorating ideas for teenagers are different both from adult bathroom design and kids bathroom design. Teenagers usually tend to like something fun, exciting and cool, yet they certainly already let go off anything related to cutie terms. But don’t take this the wrong way and giving them elegant glass black and white bathroom designs just like you usually seen at adult bathroom design, they will think the design as boring.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

For girls, the sink and vanity area can be the most important part of bathroom. They usually spend most of their time here; right in front of the mirrors. So, make sure that you have save spaces for drawers, storages, and organizers; things that can accommodate their accessories and cosmetics collections easily and orderly. If you think these kinds of service rather unimportant, at least you can design comfortable bathroom for girls to do their stuff. Creating bathroom decorating ideas for teenagers, especially boys are easier. They will not spend most of their time in the bathroom like teenager girls do. Hence, the maintenance for boy’s bathroom usually more difficult and need extra care and attention.

There are several things you should consider when creating bathroom decorating ideas for teenagers:

  • Wall decoration should be interesting, attractive, and bold. You can choose vertical, horizontal or geometrical pattern. Use combinations of bold colors to create the wall decorations; purple, green, dark blue, yellow, oranges, black are good examples of bold colors match for this purpose.
  • Choose easy maintain and cost effective flooring bathroom like rubber floor tiles. Remember to choose bold cheerful color to match with the wall.
  • Set proper lighting and ventilation in the right place. Attach the lighting above the mirrors, and add the exhaust fan to help the air circulation.
  • Add funky accessories to enhance the comfort atmosphere inside.

Bathroom decorating for teenagers are consist of anything attractive, interesting and bold.