Bedroom Ideas for Kids Sharing a Room

Bedroom ideas for kids sharing a room are popular since long time ago. You might have seen the concept of shared bedroom in old TV or movie shows; the metal bunk bed on small size of room with two desk and two closets on two other corner. Up until now, bunk bed never goes out of style. Many maintenance, upgrading decorative and design have been made so that bunk bed can keep up with the style today. Bunk bed is always become the genius way to work the smaller bedroom size out the lack of space problem. It is always been such smart way to add fun atmosphere to the kids room.

Shared Kids Room Design Ideas

If bunk bed is suitable to work smaller size bedroom space out, two single beds placed side by side will make larger bedroom ideas for kids sharing a room look more comfortable. This bedroom layout also will give more private space for each kid. You can set two different shelves, two closets, two desks, and one drawer to separate the bed. This drawer also functioned as imaginary line down to create private space, and this line down can be functioned also as seating room.

Bedroom Ideas For Kids Sharing

Space for storage is crucial for bedroom ideas for kids sharing a room. This can be mean that you need to be even more creative to make both kids stuff well arranged. Vertical storage that takes a form as giant shelves or closet can be one good alternative. Other way, you can choose versatile furniture; the smart furniture which has more than one function. You should have to think about the storages capacity to save more space and to avoid cluttered room.

To create sharing bedroom ideas for kids, you can either choose to use the bunk beds or two beds that place side by side. Choose one that is matching your kid’s room size.