Black and White Bathrooms: Balancing Good and Bad

Black and white bathrooms are one of the most popular designs of bathroom. As we know, black and white are represent the good and bad side on the China literature, or we ever heard as Yin and Yang. White is representing the good and the black is representing the bad. For bathroom designs, the Yin and Yang concept may be a wise choice. Bathroom always is a clean room, but the bathroom also is the dirtiest room on the house. Bathroom is best to always keep dry, yet the people always pour the water there. That’s why the black and white bathrooms ideas is gain more and more popularity these days.

Black and White Bathroom : Black and White Furniture

Black and white bathrooms can be created just add some black and white furniture, for example, hanging a white and black picture on the wall. The picture will give black and white bathrooms vintage look. The other one is put the floral black and white wastebasket. The sink color can be both white and black. The vanity layered is good to use black stone material or black marble. The curtain for the shower room is should be best has black and white color combination.

Black and White Bathrooms : One Part is Enough

Even if you have no idea for black and white bathrooms, just design the bathroom with same color. For example, the bathroom main color is white, but the ceiling is black. The entire bathroom is white, but the floor is tile black and white. Just the different color of floor mat or closet or sink or towel or mirror frame is enough. Imagine the whole part is white and just one little part is black. That part will have been a point.

Black and White Bathroom

Black and White Bathroom Contemporary

Black and White Bathroom Designs

Black and White Bathroom Image

So, how do you think to create black and white look? Is it easy? Just add some furniture or pick the opposite color for ones stuff. It will be good for black and white bathrooms designs.