Candice Olson Kitchen Designs

Candice Olson kitchen designs are popular since long time ago, and considered as one of the best home design that is trying to combine the function and style at one single space. The visible character of Candice Olson kitchen designs are the durability,  enhancement use of corner space, the vintage elegant style mix with bright modern and classy with perfect amount of combination.

Candice Olson Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Candice, in one of her kitchen design ideas, combine three kinds of different porcelain tile with wooden well planned kitchen cabinet and storage. Dark simple wooden dining room with light grey tile as the flooring mixed with old simple chandelier above the dining table. The feminine touch seen by placing the painted curtain that is really match with the flooring. All of these kitchen design using durable furniture and only require minimum maintenance.

In the next design, conduce trying to use the concept of open space for kitchen and integrated it in dining room. All wooden dark furniture combine with white painted wooden cabinet, white dining chair, white background, and some of white appliances around the kitchen. Open space concept is sees on the window and Japanese style doors that is let the sun shine as the best natural light put its light to the entire room. To separate the dining room to the kitchen, Candice put the kitchen island complete with the beautiful wooden storage above it.

Larger size of kitchen can turn into lovely kitchen with comfy space that can be use for any kind of activities. Light brown wooden with glass appliances and wide window will make the whole kitchen look translucent and bright. To give more accents, you can add the ambience lighting on the ceiling and above the kitchen island. Give the touch of warm atmosphere by create comfortable flooring.

The key to make good kitchen design based on Candice Olson kitchen designs is trying to put comfortable, durable, and functional use for each space.