Chandeliers for Specific Themes

Events, rooms and buildings tend to have a certain style or theme and as such, your chandelier has to suit this style or theme.  It is not necessary to buy a brand new chandelier for a one-off event such as a wedding because there are companies that you can hire from.  However, there are circumstances where you may want to purchase one – for instance for your home.  Either way, it is important to consider the style and theme of the particular event, building or room.


When thinking of a chandelier that will look great for a wedding event, you need to consider the overall theme of the wedding and choose an appropriate chandelier. For example, if it is a traditional wedding rather than modern and eclectic, then it is most likely that a traditional carousel chandelier will be suitable for this event. Choose a chandelier that has crystals, candles, and exquisite-looking bulbs that will go with the wedding celebration. Of course, choose one that can give excellent illumination to the room as well. If you want a dimmer setting then source a chandelier with this function.  Obviously the choice of chandelier (and possibly number) is hugely dependant on budget.  It may well be that hiring a chandelier is an unnecessary expense for one day – although rest assured that the bride will be forever grateful if a grand chandelier is suspended from the ceiling during the first dance!  If you are installing a chandelier for this specific event then make sure that it is situated where people will actually see it!

Corporate Events

It takes a certain type of business to be able to have a chandelier in their conference room!  However, if you are one of those businesses then it can differentiate you from your competitors. For a corporate meeting room, you will need something a little more understated so as to not draw attention away from the proceedings.  As such, immediately discount any outrageous designs and choose something more minimalist.  Do not buy or rent a chandelier for a corporate event purely for the sake of it.  If it would look out-of-place then do not try to force it.  In fact, the vast majority of businesses looking for a chandelier should choose something small, simple and functional.

Halloween, Christmas, And Valentines

If you need a chandelier to be a centerpiece for an upcoming Halloween event, it is possible to source removable additions to a chandelier such as tinted lamps.  It is also likely that in this circumstance, renting a chandelier might be the best option in order to avoid the cost of buying a brand new one.  Unlike a corporate event, you want the chandelier to be a centre piece for the room and to attract attention.  As such, whether renting a chandelier or simply buying themed additions to an existing piece, you want it to be as conspicuous as possible.  Additions such as lamps can be incredibly effective, especially if they have tinted glass to add that spooky theme to the lighting.  Think “what type of chandelier would Dracula want?” and get as close to that image as possible.  Also, don’t neglect the rest of the room because a well decorated chandelier does not immediately equal a ‘spooky’ house….and obviously ensure that your outfit is incredible!

Make sure that you shop around, both in the larger stores and the more niche makers such as  There are a multitude of various designs, shapes and sizes out there so make sure you pick the one that suits your event/theme/building best.