Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas Do It Yourself

There are some Christmas candles decoration ideas. Candles are trivial things but when the winter, especially Christmas, is coming candles become so important. You may decorate your home with candle or maybe you can make it into a gift to your friends or family. Because it is homemade stuff, so, it is easy to make.

Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas: Gift

If you going to give your friends a Christmas gift, just give them a Christmas candle which is made by you. It is easy to make, so do not worry about the stuff needed. This Christmas candles decoration ideas is need mica, a colorful markers, glue for mica, and of course the candle itself. The first step you just cut up the mica into the size you want to make, make sure that the mica will be shaped into a box, but let the upside of the box is open, then stick it by the glue. Now, just draw everything you want to draw on the mica with the colorful markers. After that placed the candles in the box, and stick it. When your friends light on the candle your drawing will be forecasted in the wall. Then your Christmas Candles Decoration Gifts are finish.

Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas: For Your Own

This Christmas candles decoration ideas will need sprouts of your Christmas tree, cylinder small glasses, and glue and of course the candle itself. It is simple to make. Just stick the sprouts of your Christmas tree around inside the glass then put the candle inside the glass. Voila, your Winter Candles Decoration Ideas are realized. If you light the candle on, there will be the shadow of the sprouts in the wall that similar to your Christmas tree.

Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas

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Wonderful Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas

You can also switch the sprouts shadow into your gift and so on. It is better to place the sprouts shadow candle in the living room, dining room or near your window. While the drawing projection candles is best placed in the bedroom, but actually you can place it everywhere you want. Let’s have a try and realized your own Christmas candles decoration ideas.