Christmas Table Decoration Do It Yourself

Christmas Table decoration is not a trivial thing to done. These are the point of Christmas, where the entire family member gathering in a warm and joyful atmosphere, but do not worry how to décor your table. It is very easy and cheap to do. What we will going to use is just like a candle, silk fabric, ribbon, nuts, empty bottle and pretty tablecloth. We make it into two parts for doing our Christmas table like this;

Christmas Table Decoration: Base

In this Christmas Table Decoration base part we just need a pretty tablecloth and ribbon.  For the tablecloth, you just simply sew the ribbon in the edge of the tablecloth. Make sure that the color of the ribbon is different from the tablecloth. Then for finishing, make eight or six small flowers from the ribbon, use the fabric glue to stick it in the ribbon line, make sure you stick it in a consistence distance each flowers. Voila, and your Christmas Table Decoration Homemade is done.

Christmas Table Decoration: Crafts

In the last Christmas table decoration crafts part you need to make the table more beautiful with a candle, silk fabric, ribbon, nuts, and bottle. For the candle, we use the small candle that fit into the bottle mouth. Embed the candle in the bottle mouth. And adorned the bottle with the ribbon and silk fabric, you can simply tie them or stick it to the bottle. Make it three or four pieces in a different size of bottle. Then for the nuts, just arrange it into a big glass. You can put cranberries, walnuts, and kumquats in the inside. Then your Christmas Table Decoration Crafts is finish.

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Placed the table coat in the table and arrange the candle-bottles and the nuts-glass on it. Make sure that they have a different color but still in one tone color. Let us take a try and have a great Christmas Table Decoration.