Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

Colorful living room design ideas are suitable for young, vibrant, and dynamic life. Colorful scheme for living room can show its best shoot by using color blocking. Color blocking let you choose and combine many colors as you like, start from your background, your flooring, your furniture, and other decorations inside the living room. Don’t be afraid of using different pattern, colors, and print at once; artistic design coming from a good impressive combination.

Living Room Color Design for Small House

Besides play with colors, colorful living room design ideas also can be generate by playing with pattern and textures. You can add two or more different textures in your living room. Prints also can be another good alternative to get colorful living room; the real effort to make a fantastic and comfortable atmosphere is the ability to mix and match the pattern, prints and textures in one space without make it look clutter. You can choose different pattern at your sofa pillows, rugs, paintings or even the pattern on the sofa. Better use smaller pattern for one decoration and combine it with other bigger pattern. Set a theme for your design to ease your effort in finding the right pattern to combine with.

Multi Color Living Room Design

To underline the statement of colorful living room design ideas, you can choose to use bright color furniture. Light blue, light green, black, white, and grey are examples of good combination of vibrant colors. Mix these colors with metal decoration, unique glass and metal lamp, and wooden flooring to create sophisticated design. Warm design can be generate through the use of blue, purple, grey, and white; all pastel colors can always bring bright and warm feel at once.

The key to make colorful living room is the combination of colors, pattern, prints; all the difference combination to create certain intended atmosphere in the living room.