Condo Design Ideas Small Space

Why we need condo design ideas small space? Sometimes we are puzzled by the problem of interior decorating the condo we live in, especially when the condo is small. The small room can indeed be a barrier in making interior decorations, but that does not mean you will not be able to present a beautiful room in a small condo. Condo design ideas small space is a collection of ideas or concepts that you can apply on your condo. With some proper settings regarding colors, lighting, furniture selection and selection of accessories you will get a condo with the feel of the fantastic even if small.

Condo Design Ideas Small Space Condo Design Ideas Small Space

Condo design ideas small space starts the planning priorities from interior design, with the proper planning you will be able to do interior design work the detail. All you need is to prioritize the color of the room, it is recommended that you use neutral colors to give a broad impression of the room in the condo – neutral colors reflect cleanliness and able to reflect light better. The colors that highly recommended is white, sky blue, brown, yellow sun, and light green. The use of colors allows you to bring the feel of “widespread” in your condo and provide comfortable and cheerful atmosphere. In addition to the color selection, you also have to take into account the selection of furniture that will be used at your condo – you have to choose furniture is furniture that is consistent with its function so that your space is not limited the amount of furniture in your condo.

Condo design ideas small space can be enhanced with the addition of accessories a simple, room accessories which existing should not be too flashy accessories and compatible with the design and color of the room. If you use excessive room accessories then the result will not feel comfortable in the room condo.