Contemporary Islamic Furniture in West Countries

Contemporary Islamic furniture can be found not only in the Islamic country but also it can be found in west countries such as European and American. Many people search furniture Islamic to be placed at their house as accessories. It caused by Islamic furniture is unique and wonderful. Usually, Islamic things make from wood, rattan, clay, and so on which be combined with calligraphy, stars, sun, and or moon. With many themes and style, furniture from Islamic civilization stays good everywhere and every time.

Contemporary Islamic Furniture of Table and Chair

There are many kinds of furniture styles in the world and made by several expert carpenters. Furniture such as chair and table are the importance good at home.  People like searching a chair or table which are modern, good, and sometimes unique. Contemporary Islamic furniture is different from another kind of furniture in the world. These kinds of furniture can follow the era development so that the furniture does not old fashion. The shape of the furniture like table and chair can be made modernly but Islamic. Modern Islamic style of furniture in chair and table are made from modern material with Islamic nuance. Chair can be made from wood with Arabic word carve, stars carve, sun carve, moon carve, or the shape of back of seat is made dome shape. Then the table made from wood and glass with calligraphy. Also, furniture of stool made from fabric and sponge and be formed circle bearing a moon or rimless cap. Another shape of chair and table can be made pentagon chair and table. To raise an Islamic nuance, the furniture can be paint with the elegant color like white, maroon, green, brown, and many more.

Contemporary Islamic Furniture of Bed and Wardrobe

Beside table and chair, contemporary Islamic furniture can be found in bed and wardrobe. Like as table and chair bed can be made with Arabic carve, or made it with dome shape. Don’t forget to paint it with some elegant color. Even tough, bed is suitable with brown color. Then the pillow, the bolster, and the blanket are garnish with moon, sun, star, or calligraphy. For the wardrobe, it can be made with dome shape, square, or pentagon. Dome shape is dominant in the furniture that refers of Islam because dome shape often is used to form of mosque roof.

Contemporary Islamic Furniture

Contemporary Islamic Furniture 2013

Light Contemporary Islamic Furniture

Pink Contemporary Islamic Furniture

Nowadays, people may choose the types of furniture as they want. There are many style of the house interior furniture. There are some furniture such as chair, table, bed, and wardrobe that are made with Islamic nuance. However, contemporary Islamic furniture design can be the reference to complete your house interior and also can add different atmosphere in your house than the other kinds of furniture.