Cottage Garden Design

The cottage gardens first born in England by some diligent farm wife. However, the cottage garden popular in US compared to England. After spread to numerous places on the planet, the cottage garden continues to be modified into various style adjust to local trends and culture. In US, cottage garden use to decorating small backyard with colorful flower. In Asia, the cottage use to planting some fruit and vegetable in one location.

Country Cottage Garden Ideas

Cottage garden much like vegetable garden around the appearance and performance. You cannot place some garden elements or ornamental there because no available place to help you able to perform. The majority of cottage garden grown with small food crops for example fruit around the pot and vegetable therefore the owner could really eat something after that. Previously, you will find various kinds of plants that grow there. Weeds, grass, flowers, weeds flourish there. It is the several of cottage garden. You will notice very beautiful garden sights when some flower blooming. Mixture of colorful flowers with hedge bushes will highlight a little paradise in your house.

Many people think about the cottage garden was dirty, chaotic and has not artistic value; however, it does not apply here since you will see amazing cottage garden design ideas. Look at this.

You may create your personal beautiful cottage garden design easily. Just starting a garden and planting your preferred plants. Remove all containers, seedbeds so you will find no bare spaces within the garden. Plant every inch of space with as narrow paths as possible allow it to be. Last step, build simple garden fence with wood or bamboo to safeguard your plants, that makes an attractive cottage garden in a small area.