Decor Stone in Bathroom is an Artistic and Attractive Style

Decor stone in bathroom will make your bathroom looked wonderful and you will pride have it. Well, bathroom is a small room with bath up and may be a toilet that is dirty and smell-bad. Though, there are many bathroom which is unique, artistic, attractive, large, and lux. To get the artistic and attractive bathroom, you can modify your bath up and floor with stone. Stone itself is the main material to build a building besides sand and cement. Below, we have some ideas to modify your bathroom as follow.

A Sweet Bath Up by Decor Stone in Bathroom

To decor stone in bathroom can only be done by interior designer. Stone can be used in the bath up, wall and floor to make a sweet bathroom. Decor stone in bath up do not spend much money and time. Bath up can modify or made purely with stone and bath up from stone stronger that bath up from sand and cement. You can use granite, slate, or stone with different shape. First, you can use marble as the layer of your bath up. Second, use granite or slate to make a circle bath up. You can put your bath up made from oval shape at the corner so that is can be the accessories of your bathroom. Although, you make square white-stone bath up and placed in the middle of bathroom. Bath up from stone is also can be shaped rectangular, pentagon, and mixes of two shapes. For example; a bath up from slate with rectangular in the outside of bath up and circle or square shape inside. Beside it is stronger than bath up from other materials (Sand and cement) the excess of bath up stone can be seen from the color. The color of bath up from stone is more shine and long-lasting.

Decor Stone in Bathroom for the Floor

If we have discussed the bath up from stone now we can discuss about the stone in the floor. It means that decor stone in bathroom can be used for the floor. If you want to build a bath room with stone floor, you can design stone in floor by ask a bathroom designer. In this case, they are able to do it and they have many ideas to design your bathroom. However, better that you search some picture of bathroom with stone or follow our ideas. Usually, stone from river-stone, granite, or marble, can be employ for your floor. If your bathroom is made from granite so you can use stone or marble in your floor. The most important thing is combine the stone in your bathroom both in bath up and floor. If you combine it; you will have an attractive bathroom.

Decor Stone in Bathroom

Decor Stone in Bathroom Natural

Decor Stone in Bathroom Natural Ideas

Decor Stone in Bathroom Ornament

Actually, stone can be used in the wall, basin, table (if there is a table in the bathroom), shower, and stool. The stones to make a basin or floor can be taken from granite, slate, river-stone, limestone, etc. bath up from stone is stronger than bath up from cement or ceramic. I think you can decor stone in bathroom to make a sweet bathroom.