Decorating Ideas for Black and White Bathroom

Decorating ideas for black and white bathroom may not as many as other bathroom design ideas. The usual modern bathroom design ideas also use this combination of colors to create the elegant, simple, clean, and expensive atmosphere. Black usually use for wall background and flooring, and white use for furniture like sink, towel, and curtain. This black and white bathroom design is always look stunning for modern or contemporary home design, but you can make other more interesting and attractive decorating ideas for black and white bathroom designs.

Black And White Bathroom Decorating Ideas

More attractive ideas for black and white bathroom decorating design are;

  • Animal print bathroom decorating designs, this may be more suitable for girls or woman bathroom decorating design. Zebra and panda are some examples of black and white animal print. You can even set for small jungle for your bathroom. Add plants like tall grass on the pot or bamboo in one corner of your bathroom as accessories.
  • Chess motif decorating designs; this elegant motif are popular since long time ago. Easy to create and make your bathroom look expensive in easiest way. White curtain, sink, and towel shelves, chess flooring, and whole black background. Add glass door and drawers to reduce the gloomy atmosphere.
  • Lighthouse motif can also be considered as preferable decorating ideas for black and white bathroom design. Add red or dark blue to make the lighthouse look perfect.
  • Even floral motif can be created such way to make black and white bathroom decorating design. The black and white floral designs are available at a large number at the market. Floral pattern can be set as the wall background, curtain print, vase in vanity space, and wastebasket.

Black and white bathroom decorating ideas don’t have to be gloomy and boring, attractive design can be made through themes, pattern, and suitable accessories.