Efficiency Apartment Design

Efficiency apartment design generally can be generates by enhancing the basic elements of small home design. Th effciency apartment design main goal is to find the best strategy how to place many function in small space without to make the place looks stuffy or cluttered but simple and stylish instead.

Efficiency Apartment Design

Efficiency Apartment Design

You can start to plan your apartment by make a list about the basic elements needed to arrange your furniture and decoration based on each use. The basic elementst to form your apartment design includes the floor plan, the furniture placement, colors option, and lighting. All these basic elements has to meet one main requirement; efficiency apartment design. You can elaborate the term of efficiency as multifunction and highly arrangement spaces by placing furnish and decoration as few as possible.

Efficiency Apartment Design Tips

  • Multifunction Furnishings

Search for foldable and smart furnish in the furniture store or manufacturer. These types of furnish are now widely sell and available at any furnish store. You can use unique drawers as your living room table, storages ottomans as your dining table, futon sofa that also can be use whenever guest come to your apartment, and cabinet for extra storage and main decoration as well as your working space. This is the first thing you should keep in mind if you want to make your efficiency apartment design; be smart and as simple as possible in designing apartment.

  • Vertical Focus

Forget to place anything that will use more space than you plan before. If you already create something to enhance your apartment functional space in your floor plan, you really should stick with it. Use tall cabinets that allows you to put your things up near to the ceiling. Create a shelves for your books attach to the wall instead of buying new cabinets. The total efficiency apartment design must optimize the function of your wall as one of the space source.

  • Smart Space Separators

Good sepataror does not have to hide another space in a total blocking as if you place another wall inside your home. You can use bookshelves, cabinets, sofa, curtains or even pot of plants to be your space separators. You can also use color blocking method to create the same purpose. In the end, people will see how tidy and useful every space you create in your home is, not the number of furniture you place there. Be careful not to make your home looks stuffy everytime you think about adding new furnish use as separator. Efficient apartment design means simple design of living.

  • Live out Your Living Room

You can doubled the function of your living room in case you need additional bedroom. You also can make your bedroom looks like additional living room. Remember about the smart funiture and how every furniture you choose need to have more than one function. This principle also goes to your living room. Try to make this space to be your center of your home activity. Living room on a efficient apartment design can be turn into work space, bedroom, even for eating area.