European Toilet Design is Simple and Can Used by Everyone

European introduce new trend of European toilet design. European toilet is famous with its cleaning, so, in this chance offer newest toilet design. They use new material to make the toilet seat. Its shape is very different with toilet in common, its tanks also be very different. The tank is smaller with no classic round WC’s.

The form is simple, so we can save place for other needs. It is look like cone with fewer tanks behind it. It recently introduced with an affordable price for American, European or all people in the world. It is sold about US$ 600. There are two ways to having this toilet, that is by making European toilet repair, or European toilet create. Toilet is becoming a common element the bathroom planning. Recently European toilet design is successful to attract the attention of the market’s demand.

European toilets design and its simplicity

Simplicity in a toilet is a must. Because we know that it is impossible if a toilet have a large size in a room. They may simple, but they may not dirty. Look at this phenomenon, European toilet design offer simplicity to solve this problem. It is more elegant, and it has good looking appearance. Do not forget to make sink behind toilet. It is used to clean your genital after you urinate or defecate.

European Toilet Design

European Toilet Design Contemporary

European Toilet Design Metal Suit

European Toilet Design Garbit

The function of European toilet design

The function of European toilet design is not too different with common toilet design. They used toilet as a place for urination and defecation. They are also be done by the common toilet in this world. The excess point of this toilet is the first is sure its simplicity, then the other point is the seat is comfortable to use, easy to clean, and can release a very pungent aroma after we use toilet. European toilet design is suitable for people in most and the physical defect because it is lower than usual toilet.