False Ceiling Design for Living Room

Create harmony and cozy living room with false ceiling design for living room. When renovating or making a house a lot of people tend to be more focus on paint selection, the selection of furniture and other interior decorations such as accessories or decorations, but ignore the ceiling. The ceiling has a very important role because design and color of the ceiling can determine the atmosphere and the warmth that exists in a room especially for the living room. A living room with good ceiling will provide a beautiful and warm atmospheres, good ceiling will also be able to liven up the atmosphere. Usually the focus of ceiling decoration is in color, although color is not the only focus. The design of ceiling decoration is also a determining factor – one of the ceiling design ideas that are currently popular is false ceiling. The design frequently referred to as false ceiling design for living room.

False Ceiling Design for Living Room

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The living room became the focus because in this room an outsider can judge how good the interior design of your house, when you receive guest then your living room should gives the impression of friendly and warmth in order to prevent the changes of your guest mood – In this case the influence of the ceiling give the effect as large as the effect of wall paint and furniture in the living room. False ceiling design for living room are ceiling design is made in such a way as to consider a combination of the design of the center and the edges with color. False ceiling design for living room more focused on providing good views and scenery to give the impression of cozy yet elegant, the installation false ceiling solely intended to add to the aesthetic side in the living room and is usually in the middle of false ceiling fitted a few small lights that can provide the lighting effects are nice, bright but not dazzling.

False Ceiling Design for Living Room Photos

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The important thing that you should avoid when trying to determine false ceiling design for living room is not choose a design that stand out like a wave or spiral – because false ceiling such as it is only suitable for use in a large room such as ball room. Besides the color combination of false ceiling (the center and edge) must also be matched, it is generally the dominant color such as bright colors in the middle around the lamp with periphery dark colors or vice versa. Other factors are also very important is the suitability of color false ceiling with the color of wall paint and furniture – for example if you have a cat living room with white walls and white sofas and equipped with a glass table (black frame) and black decoration cabinet with glass doors so the perfect false ceiling design for living room is the white one in the center with two main lamp and four additional lamp (very small lamp) with the black edge.

The main idea of false ceiling for living room is to create a comfortable atmosphere in your living room with a little touch of art, but harmonious with the entire room.