Formal Living Room Ideas

Formal living room ideas can be made by setting some simple tricks. You don’t always have to put fancy sofa, luxurious carpet or rugs, expensive table, beautiful drawers, or any kind of formal furniture that you think will create such feel. Formal living room can be generate through the use of existing furniture, and make some adjustment to get new atmosphere. Below are tricks you can do to make this living room ideas happens.

Contemporary Formal Living Room Ideas

First, use pattern for your background. You can choose the wallpaper or borders to get a good pattern. The high ceiling is another characteristic of formal living room. If you find that your house doesn’t support this characteristic, you can hang extra long drapers close to the ceiling. This draper can make your windows looks taller. The next trick is set the seating space. Seating group usually suitable for larger room, but this can also be set for smaller room. Setting the seating space face the wall is the best trick to create formal living room ideas for smaller space.

Formal Living Room Ideas

Other tricks that can be done are hiding the TV from the living room. You can use the drawer or closet that have a unique shape that can hide the TV. If there is no special drawer to hide your TV, use mirror to fool the eye and hide the TV. Next trick is using the live plants rather than fake ones. Architectural elements also can help make the living room look formal. Crown molding is the best alternative to build formal living room ideas; it can also increase your home investment on the market.

Formal living room ideas can be made by setting the furniture such way that can create certain illusion rather than changing the whole furniture to make your living room look formal.