French Country Kitchen Decor

French country kitchen decor characterized by warm colors, natural materials, heavy rustic cabinetry and furniture, bold patterns and colors, wall decor like photos, paintings, fabrics, pottery, wooden baskets, and roosters. Some people also love to add some spacial windows treatment to get certain amount of sunshine that will perfectly reflected by the colors use as the interior.

French Country Kitchen Decor

To get the right combination of colors you should know first the atmosphere that french kitchen design intend to brought. French country kitchen decor usually brought the naturally warm atmosphere. That is why every detail, choice of colors, and material use is anything will reflect the nature and the warmth of family. Colors that is often use to decorate the french kitchen are green, deep yellow, bright blue, reddish, and shades of white.

French Country Kitchen Decor Photos

The natural part of the kitchen can be realize by the use of natural material like stones, rough wood, iron, basketry, copper, and many other more. You can add copper pots, basket of flowers or fruits on the table, natural stones as the backsplash, or wood planks as the flooring. You should have to be sure that the colors combination well matched.

French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Rustic furniture is other key to make the real french country kitchen decor look real.  Metal knobs, ceramic, or aged metal decoration will help. Don’t forget to add bold layers and patterns to all of fabric and curtain you use. Delicate flowers pattern is the most common design. The last thing is you can add decoration that represents french country design, it can be pottery, wooden basket, rooster, even herbs.

French Country Kitchen Decor Blue

Make sure you are setting for a warm atmosphere design if you want to create french country kitchen decor; warm colors, natural material, rustic furniture, paintings or photographs, and bold pattern can help you work it out.