French Vintage House Ideas to Apply

If you are interested in applying vintage style in your house, French vintage home ideas are great to created that atmosphere. Classicality and also romantic are what people can get from the idea. You do not need to be back in Marie Antoinette era to create the sensation. You are able to bring that value in your hose through home improvement. This article will give you some ideas for that then. Improvement and modification are applied in walls and furniture. Just read this article about French vintage house ideas 2012 then you can get some brilliant ones for the improvement.

French Vintage House Ideas: Walls

Painting is the most common thing for French vintage house ideas. If you are going to apply that idea, you had better choose the painting with soft colors. Pastel palettes are necessary here. You can select country blue, pale pink, and also sage green. You can do the project alone. By doing so, you are able to save some money. Selecting a soft shade with whimsical pattern is cool then. However, if you have not time for it, hiring a professional is more recommended for the project of French vintage house ideas and design.

French Vintage House Ideas: Furniture

Besides wall, you can play your creativity game with furniture. Usually, French vintage house ideas are filled with antique and artful decorations. You are able to set some conquered wood for the dressers or coffee table in the living room. For your bedroom, keep that decorative stuff for the headboard. Porcelain finials are also suggested to give romantic touch. Applying the concept straightly, you need to put aside your creative thought of putting pieces hewn.

French Vintage House Ideas

French Vintage House Ideas Fairytale

French Vintage House Ideas Contemporary

Elegant French Vintage House Ideas

Your understanding about that is clearer now. Besides walls and furniture, you are able to focus on textiles and decorations for the idea. Crystal lamp fixture is also great to add the vintage ambience in French vintage house ideas.