Garden Design Ideas for Children

Garden design ideas for children may sounds unusual, yard or play ground seems to be more familiar. The concept of children’s garden design ideas might arise when parents start to think they need to keep children away from electronic gadgets, video games, and television. Playing outside, trying to make contact with many people will enhance children mental development more effective than spending their time alone with electronic gadget.

Garden Design Ideas for Kids

Garden design ideas for children are trying to create concept of garden made just for kids; garden that is made to help the children love the environment through planting, taking care, and harvesting the garden whenever the time has come. There are some ideas that you can choose to make children’s garden design;

Lunch garden can be very interesting to build, especially for kids. This contains planting vegetables needed to make cooking. For example pizza and salad garden; you can plant any ingredient use to make pizza topping. You can plant paprika, tomatoes, mushroom, oregano, garlic, basil, jalapeno peppers, onions, and more. For the salad, you can plant lettuce, corn, red bean, potatoes, and carrot. You can harvest these vegetable planting every other time and create garden barbeque part with your kids.

Choose flowers that have seven different colors; it can be comes from seven different types of flowers. Arrange each flowers based on the rainbow colors; red, orange, yellow, blue, green, dark blue, and purple. Set seven lines where each line represents one color; now you will have rainbow garden that will grow every spring, summer, and autumn.

Animal garden can be other good garden design ideas for children choice. You can choose tame animals to be place in your garden. It can be rabbit, frog, turtle, fish butterflies, or birds. Don’t forget to make cage for each animal.

Creating garden for children can help them maintain their mental development and communication ability to socialize with their environment.