Garden Design Ideas for Small Front Gardens

Garden design ideas for small front gardens actually don’t need to be strict like what you may hear in designing kitchen, living room or bathroom. The real garden doesn’t require any certain layout, floor design, or any kinds of rules might be, but you always can make your own layout if needed.

Garden Design Ideas for Small Front Gardens

Small front garden can look elegant by adding some plantation and flourishes. The advantage from having small front garden is that it is easier to be arranged. The key is that you should focus to make good arrangement and choice of plants and flowers around the front door and fence, if there is any. Nice arrangement if the front door, along the aisle, or around the fence will bring maximum effect by doing small effort and maintenance. The flowers arrangements around the front door and around the aisle from the fence to your door can impress your guests, and another arrangement around the fence will impress anyone passing by your home.

Garden Ideas for Small Front Gardens

Garden ideas for small front gardens also can be made such way that will leave some space for you to enjoy the fresh air, cozy nook, or as an additional porch. To get this type of small front garden, simply put a garden bench or bigger swing around your garden. Choose suitable space to create this cozy corner, you can add giant umbrella above the bench or chairs to protect you from heat.

Why not trying to create vertical garden by hang the pot plant on the trellis? This can enhance the value of your garden and make your garden look more colorful and beautiful too. Choose modern trellis and attach it somewhere on your front home wall, and hang the pots of flowers from the bottom to space near the ceiling.

Garden Design for Small Front Gardens

You can make your own garden ideas for small front garden, try to create new concept and play with unusual ideas to get the best result.