Gothic Interior Design Ideas

Gothic interior design ideas may remind us about the dark religious symbolic. The interior designers indeed, identified gothic interior designs as the symbolic of the Old Catholic paganism period. The strong vertical influenced, the color options, the emulated candles lighting, and pointed arches that is usually use in both the interior and exterior design made gothic interior design ideas look like have been copied the gloomy churches made by Medieval and Roman architecture exactly. However, the gothic interior design ideas like Gothic Revival Styles or Victorian Gothic which are very popular in the 19th century still inspire young architects or home interior designers today.

Gothic Interior Design Ideas

Even though look dark and gloomy, the gothic interior design ideas can turn into romantic and emotional home interior design. These sense and atmosphere are become the new target of modern gothic interior design style rather than what it has been tried to evoked in the past.

Gothic Interior Elements

Gothic interior design ideas have at least five important elements: the lighting, flooring, fabrics, colors, and all those physical elements need to bring out the romantic atmosphere.

Gothic Inspired Living Room

For the best lighting option, try to think about the lighting that you usually seen at church. Yes, the lights are usually dim, and the best lighting fixture that can create the same illumination are candles, table lamps or a well stoked fire around the fireplace. Make sure you already set all the dimmer switched on your lightings.

Concrete or stone are usually chosen as the best flooring option, but if you don’t like these two materials, you can choose hardwoods, or linoleum that has bold colors, like brown, cream, grey, or red. Rugs with the lighter colors (or darker if the flooring is light) will complete the gothic interior design ideas.

Place fabrics for your wall décor, sofa or window covering. Choose the best colors combination to generate dramatic pattern in your gothic interior design ideas. You can choose ruby reds, golden hues, blue, violet, or green, dark grey or brown. Each combination of these colors will create emotional feelings, moody, and of course, dramatic.

And this is how to make your gothic interior design ideas create the romantic sense and atmosphere. Stone fireplace, photo frames, fresh flowers on a vase, and any kinds of accessories made from silver, wood, and gold are the best decoration to choose.

Traditional and Modern Gothic Decorating

The modern gothic interior design ideas are a lot look lighter than the traditional ones. Dark colors become the main part of the traditional gothic decoration, while the modern design tries to add splash of colors on the dark appearance of the whole design. The traditional gothic interior design ideas uses myth creatures to decorate the home; dragons, gargoyles which take a form as poster bed or fabrics hanging on the wall are some of the examples, while the modern design prefer to use the statues, sculpture and avoiding the posters or fabrics as wall cover. Both create quite different sense of atmosphere, you are free to choose what might be your best taste.