Gothic Interior Home Design

Gothic interior home design is back with its glamour elegant and cold designs. The old version of gothic home decor in the past may make your whole home design look old, dusty, dark, and a bit spooky though sometimes, if designs very well, still can perfectly shows its elegant and expensive atmosphere and sense. The modern version comes by adding more lights and bright atmosphere coming from the combination of colors, the furniture choice, decorations, and the lighting setting.

Modern Gothic Interior Design

The gothic always shows the sense of haughty in every touch of both interior and exterior of the house. In the past, gothic are identical of the use of dark colors; purple, black, maroon, gold, and the color coming from cherry wooden furniture. The modern gothic interior home design takes some part of these dark colors and combines it with contemporary home design; the use of stained glass, metal, peaks, prints and decorations. The result is you will see the elegant clean and bright contemporary home design with a bit of retro and classical touch in it. You will find out that modern gothic interior home design use lots of off whites and blend it out with glass and metal; the beauty of true gothic style is still can be seen through the sparkle of lights and bright colors combinations and dominations of black, off white, silver, and grey.

Gothic Interior Decorating

You can still play with the decorations, but don’t use too much ornaments and details. You can still choose silver chandelier, sharp and unique furniture legs, big painting and photograph on your wall, or unique statues, but make sure they are all well blend one another and create modern, elegant, simple and comfortable atmosphere rather than cluttered intricate details for any spaces of your home.

Creating modern gothic design for your home is quite challenging. You should make sure that you combine every detail and function at the right amount to create the exact modern gothic home style.