Green Home Design

Green home design campaign has been promoted quite often years ago along with the Go Green Movement. Since the issue of environmental degradation and how most of human activities including buildings and homes design, operation and renovation contribute to environmental loss of quality, the green home building and design is manifested as one of the form of human responsibility to save the environment. Green home design as well as green building design is a structure that is made to meet the efficiency use of resource through the building life cycle and built based on the environmental sustainability.

Green Home Design Concept

The general objective of green home design is to reduce the built environment impact cause by built environment that will lead to massive human health loss of quality.

Green Home Designs

In practical, green home design concept concerns on the durability, economy, comfort, and utility. This consists of basic philosophy design that is the material option, technology, site orientation, and the building configuration.

Green House Design Material Options


The material option for green home design is consist of anything that is efficient and can be source locally or easy to be delivered. We often see the material use for green home design are including wood, natural stone, or concrete filled forms; all kinds of material that is environmental friendly. However, some home design experts believe that the efficient value of material option concept on green home design concerns on the use of local source that can minimize your cost and time to deliver the material to your home. This concept also clearly will ease your effort on finding the material needed to build your home.

Site Orientation and Building Configuration for Home Green Design

Building Configuration for Home Green Design

The site orientation to build green home design is should be adjust to the movement of wind and air, and find a way to ensure the sun light warmed your house naturally. It is also important to observe the wind movement on every season; how to keep your home warm at winter and cool enough when summer. This will reduce your home installation cost on air conditioner or heating. The building configuration for green home design consideration consists of the roof installation, the pier foundation, and set of indoor and outdoor space. For both the indoor and outdoor are designed to be open to allow the air circulation inside out. The research shows that the best site orientation for green home design is southwest, so you can applied a heavy mess on the northwest side of your home to protect you from weather, especially from winter wind.

The basic concept on build a green home design is the efficient use of energy and cost. Choose anything that is easy to get, easy to use, and reduce your cost by using sources that can be obtained locally. Technology and deep knowledge about architecture will be very useful to help you design your environmental friendly home. It may rather harder than if you design the house without using green concept, but it is quite worth if we compare the building cost and the maintenance.