Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas

Hello kitty bedroom ideas may become one of the oldest bedroom design ideas of all time. Hello kitty is one of San Wa Character production made in Japan more than 30 years ago, and still become and still become one of the most favorite character for kids, especially girls. Hello kitty theme colors also reflect little girl’s interest perfectly. It is a combination between red, soft pink, magenta, white, and blue. Up until now, many furniture manufacturer industries still produce many hello kitty themed bedroom decorations largely, and this in turn will ease you to set the hello kitty bedroom ideas for your daughter. Below are some ideas.

Hello Kitty Bedroom Stuff

Hang giant hello kitty head on the wall right above your daughters bed, it can be function as the decoration and headboard. You don’t have to search for hello kitty bed, if you have this giant wall decoration, you can combine it with any kinds of bed. And your daughter’s bed will look like it has the head of hello kitty headboard.  Add other hello kitty bedroom decoration and furnishes, like closets with hello kitty picture on the front door, hello kitty desk, hello kitty carpets, and so on.

Hello kitty also goes well to Japanese bedroom style. Again, use giant hello kitty giant head wall decoration to form your daughter’s bed, hello kitty closets, and hello kitty desk. Combine these three elements with tatami bedroom style; wooden sliding doors, tatami dining table, and mat flooring. Hello kitty bedroom ideas also can be made through the simplest use of hello kitty merchandise, like paintings, fabric patterns, or other small decoration.

Hello kitty bedroom ideas can be made by using the simple furniture or merchandise, so it doesn’t have to be crowded bedroom full of pink cat-head, you can also have the mature version hello kitty bedroom for kids.