Home Lighting Design Ideas

Home lighting design is always been a serious problem. No matter what kind of design theme you use, the lighting will always be the one of the most important setting in your home. The main function of lighting in a home design is visibility. You may not concern that much about the design of your home and treat your home lighting design the same careless as your home design. But even you would not be able to work inside a space with poor lighting design because we need proper amount of light to do tasks easily. In a broader sense, home lighting design is main factor that can give a texture and form to every room in your house.

Home Lighting Design

An ideal home lighting design also helps you feel comfortable and safe. However, there every space or room has their own ideal lighting intensity. Below are general descriptions about some tips on designing a proper lighting design.

The Home Lighting Design Concept

Home lighting design concept consist of several different categories of light function; the Task, Accent, Ambient, and Decorative. Each of function refers to the certain amount of light intensity needed based on the activities occur or planed to be place on a space.

  • Task lighting design refers to illumination that will be place on a space that has or planed to have specific task. For example, the lighting on a home library to ease your visibility while reading, or lighting on the kitchen counter or cabinet to make your food look fresh and light up your cooking activities.
  • Ambient lighting is very important to arrange your lighting circulation in a space. This lighting also considered as the general functional lights for your home lighting design. You can set an ambient lighting in a living room, dining room, on the aisle of your house, or on top of your kitchen island.
  • Accent lighting is use to illuminate or brighten certain fixtures like paintings or pictures. The accent lighting also functions to highlight the form and textures of a space and giving more aesthetical appearance for your entire home lighting design.
  • Decorative lighting refers to any kinds of decorations that give a small amount of lights and will not influence very much to the visibility of a space. This kind of lightings is purely use for decoration.

Ideal Home Lighting Design for Each Room

Ideal Home Lighting Design for Each Room

You can use home lighting design concept above to set a proper lighting for each room interior. Kitchen, living room, bedroom can use combination of task, accent and ambient lighting to support activities within. The dining room design suitable using the accent and ambient lighting, and bathroom will look brighter by using combination of ambient and task lighting. And accent lighting will makes your exterior looks beautiful especially at night. The home lighting design concept will also help you enhance the aesthetical value of your entire home design. However, you should also be careful to use the lighting system, be wise on the use of energy use to beautify your home design, because home lighting design is made solely for its function.