House Design Tuscany Kitchen

House design Tuscany kitchen get its basic idea from home Italian home design. Tuscany is one rural region in Italy. The rural atmosphere and natural living of Tuscany inspired so many interior designers to take this idea into their home design. Tuscany kitchen design dominate are very close to wooden kitchen cabinets and combine this natural material with warm colors like red, orange, dark brown, dark green, and using natural material like natural stones, metal and wooden furnish.

House Design Tuscany Kitchen

Old Tuscany wooden kitchen design can be realized with usage of dark wooden furnishes. To get the total old, elegant, and expensive look, you can use dark wooden material for the cabinet, island, drawers and decoration. You can add chandelier and ceramic or marble décor to complete your Tuscany kitchen design. This can also differentiate it with western kitchen design because they two sometimes very much look alike one another.

More modern Tuscany kitchen design can be realized by using more marble. Chose combination of dark wooden and marble kitchen island and painted wooden and marble kitchen cabinet. Try to matched the color of painted wooden kitchen cabinet with the flooring will turn your whole kitchen into classic-modern Tuscany kitchen design. Don’t forget to give more lighting to your house design Tuscany kitchen also replace wooden flooring with marble to make it look brighter and elegant.

Using the same concept with former Tuscany kitchen design, you can have the rustic version of it. Rustic Tuscany kitchen design is more like combination between modern and real Tuscany design. Wooden floor mixed with marble kitchen table and wooden painted kitchen cabinet are still become the main theme. Modern chandelier can give the modern look and give proper lighting and mixed the dark color of wooden Tuscany with modern glass decor.

Home design Tuscany kitchen can be modified by combining real Tuscany kitchen design with modern decoration and lighting intensity.