IKEA Room Dividers Ideas for One Room Apartment

As bachelor apartment, one room apartment can be great temporary living space though it has limited space to place many furniture, appliances, and even IKEA room dividers ideas. Room divider seems to be imperative complement since one room apartment has loose space for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining room area application. Most studio apartments are intentionally built in small space. It is enough as one or maximum two persons’ living space.

Hanging IKEA Room Dividers Ideas

The best idea to make small apartment wider is by applying hanging room divider to separate some shared rooms including living room, kitchen, and dining room. Hanging room divider is more effective as space saving furniture in one room apartment. Additionally, hanging room divider gives more space under it so that the flooring looks spacious without too many objects. Hanging IKEA room dividers ideas may be first choice to solve the space problem in small apartment.

Hanging IKEA room dividers ideas offer numerous designs to follow your request. Screen is one of hanging room divider with various pattern and colors to choose. It is typically made of paper or plastic with unique texture to separate living room area from living room or kitchen. Screen room divider installation is simple with wire and hook to hang it well on the ceiling. Other alternative is pretty enough for young woman apartment. Beads curtain with colorful and stylish beads can cover up your bedroom area.

IKEA Room Dividers Ideas

IKEA Room Dividers Ideas Sliding

IKEA Room Dividers Ideas Design

IKEA Room Dividers Ideas Design

Space Saving IKEA Room Dividers Ideas

IKEA also offers space saver furniture in multipurpose design. Bookcase is the best room divider for small apartment. It can be floor-to-ceiling room divider as well as storage space to store clutter from room area. On the other way, book case in white looks perfect as IKEA room dividers ideas separating living room from bedroom area.