IKEA STUVA Ideas in Simple and Versatile Design

IKEA STUVA Ideas can make our rooms looks more interesting with unique STUVA from IKEA. As a world class home interior designer, IKEA also produce many interesting and high quality furnishings for our home. Besides that, IKEA often make a very good interior design; just take an example, the bedroom design. So, it is undoubtedly that it has a very good reputation in home interior and furniture. One of its best products is the IKEA STUVA Ideas Furniture.

IKEA STUVA Ideas with Interesting Look

It has a very good design with interesting appearance. There are also many designs are available for this products. Of course, the prices are also various. It will make us free in choosing the best STUVA for our storage. For the IKEA STUVA Ideas in standard design, there is white colored STUVA storage. It has three drawers. The design is like a cabinet but it has more interesting design for our storage needs. We can save many things in this storage combination. This one is priced US$ 222.00. It is a reasonable price considering its quality and its design.

For the other models, there is a simpler design of the IKEA STUVA Ideas. That is a storage combination with four doors in green color. It is included in an IKEA STUVA Ideas Small designs. Even though it has a small design, it is still able to save our stuffs well and well. This product costs US$ 154.00, a little bit cheaper than the first model. It still looks very interesting for our storage.

IKEA STUVA Ideas IKEA STUVA Ideas Design IKEA STUVA Ideas ImageIKEA STUVA Ideas Storage

IKEA STUVA Idea in Small Size

The other model of the storage combination from IKEA is the smaller storage. It has four drawers which are arranged vertically. It has smaller design than the model above. It costs US$ 128.00, a little bit cheaper than previous model. It is a very good price for IKEA STUVA Ideas.