Indian Kitchen Designs

We can show beauty of acculturation Indian kitchen designs to you. There are many kitchen designs currently growing in society, particularly the kitchen design that growing are adopted from Europe and America. These two region kitchen design are very popular because of its spread which quite fast, but lately there are few people who have started to adopted the kitchen design from Asia especially with ethnic atmosphere – specifically India. Indian kitchen design are now beginning to get attention.

Indian Kitchen Designs

Actually, when we talk about Indian kitchen designs then we are talking about two different kitchen designs, on the one hand there is Indian kitchen designs with the feel of a classic – with a lot of traditional decorations and more traditional with cookware that everything is traditional. On the other hand there is Indian kitchen designs with a more modern designs with a touch of European and American kitchen designs but still include typical Indian kitchen is a decoration or a color that symbolizes the colors that are common in India.

Indian Kitchen Designs Photos

Traditional Indian kitchen designs are kitchen design which very simple with almost all the cooking appliances made of stone and some pan-pots made of aluminum, with a wooden food storage and processing of spices that is made of solid stone. Generally this type of kitchen can still be found in the homes of the people of India especially in people whose lifestyles are still modest. Currently in India the modern culture has penetrated into the local culture so as to provide a unique blend of acculturation, it also affects kitchen design. Just as people in other countries, the kitchen for the people of India is also a fundamental part in the home, acculturation that happens is seen from form of kitchens kitchen design that has adopted the European or American – the appearance was much more modern and equipped with devices that also have modern but without abandoning the hallmark of India. Things that may seem obvious is the kitchen cabinet and arrangement of space, in terms of kitchen cabinet designs that are more or less adopted the western style but still a touch of India to the carvings and decorations around the kitchen cabinet. Indian kitchen designs for kitchen cabinet further highlight the impression of simple to use wood as well as light brown, the main door storage area (located in the middle of the kitchen cabinet) is made of wood instead of glass – the use of glass is generally located on either side of the kitchen cabinet storage of plate and glass.

Indian kitchen designs are one design which quite attractive because the kitchen existence style combination of two different cultures, even so if it refers to Indian kitchen designs which traditional then we could see a very noticeable difference. Mainly from the arrangement of the room, modern Indian kitchen designs more simple and compact than traditional Indian kitchen designs.