Interior Design Ideas for Dining Room with Japanese Style

Interior design ideas for dining room are various. If you are bored with your old style of dining room setting and you want to remodel the room to bring different ambience, Japanese style is recommended. Simplicity and oriental look are what this style offers. If you are interested in that but you do not have any idea to start that, this article will give you some accessories to highlight Japanese impression in your dining room.

Tatami Mat and Shoji Screens for Japanese Interior Design Ideas

You can start by putting aside your idea to install a rug. If you need something to set under the table or your dining set, you had better choose tatami mat for Japanese look in your interior design ideas. That is a traditional covering for Japanese home flooring. You do not need to worry when you cannot find any original tatami mat in your city. You are able to change it with the mat made of seagrass and sisal. To get a better look, laying the mat on the surface which has a certain pattern is the best recommendation. Shoji screen is also suggested to be set for your door. With its geometric frames and design, the room will be more artful.

Porcelain Vessels and Japanese Painting for Japanese Interior Design Ideas

Besides tatami mat and shoji screens, you can also set porcelain vessels and Japanese painting in your dining room for the interior design ideas. A set of porcelain tea pots is good to be put on the dining room shelf. That gives clear look in the room. The set of the pots is usually used in traditional tea ceremony. You do not need to use it as well. Just set it as a decoration. That is enough to improve the Japanese room in your dining room.

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If you are interrupted with the coldness since there is no decoration on the wall, you can hang a Japanese painting on it. Dark color is preferable to balance the white paint from the wall. That is all for Japanese interior design ideas.