Interior Design Themes Ideas

Interior design themes ideas generally divide into two types; the traditional home design and the modern home design. But as time passes, the number of interior design themes ideas increase into many categories. Many interior designers believe that interior design themes ideas could be anything which makes you feel comfortable inside. Interior design which formed the physical part of the house also would generate many kinds of feeling and certain kind of atmosphere. So, building your interior design themes ideas is something very personal.

Traditional Interior Design Themes

The interior designer that may help you design your home can help you through the construction process. Usually they help you by giving suggestion, unless you give them total responsibility taken care of your house building process, you will still have to decide what can be the best idea to be applied to your home interior design.

Interior Design Themes Categories

We can divide the interior design themes ideas into some categories.

  • The traditional interior design themes contain colonial home design, historic and period home design, mission home design, and the mix modern and traditional style.
  • The contemporary interior design themes ideas include minimalist home design, modern kitchen and bathroom design style.
  • The country interior home design include country cottage style, the rustic home design interior, shabby chic decorating style
  • Western home interior design themes ideas
  • The home design that is inspire by places in the world, such as America, Italy (including the famous Tuscany home design interior), Sweden, Mexico, Spain, and many other country from Asia like India, Japan, or China
  • Tropical Island home interior design themes ideas

There are some of home interior theme design ideas that is doesn’t belong to any categories above, such as Gothic interior design and eclectic home interior design. We can categorize gothic interior design as one of traditional home design type because most of the design shows certain time period. What makes the gothic interior home design very much focuses on the religion (Catholic) and this specific theme makes gothic home design cannot be put on the historic/period design.

Interior Home Design Themes Elements

No matter your home interior design themes ideas would be, the element of the basic interior design is the same. These elements include the material, lighting, color option, and decoration. Two people can use the same home design themes but if they use the different material, the decorating style of the two houses will be different entirely. For example, two houses that are modern interior design themes ideas using the different kind of colors, one chooses to use the bright colors, and another one using softer colors option. With the same amount of lighting and the same type of material will generate the different kinds of atmosphere. The house which using the brighter color will potentially create more dynamic atmosphere like cheerful, welcome, more vibrant feeling. While the softer color house will usually create cooler feeling as well as comfort, and calm.