Japanese Home Design

Japanese home design is generally using the concept called Zen philosophy. Zen concepts focus on simplicity and natural, and adopt this philosophy into the character of design material along with the aesthetical elements of their building design. This philosophy also has a close meaning with the ideas of freedom that is turn into the open space or spacious look of a home and the essence of living by using natural material as many as possible. Japanese home design concept with Zen philosophy has said to be one of the most important influences that underlies the concept of minimalist design architecture in early 19th century. The simplicity and natural concept that is use as the basic concept of Japanese home design also become the basic consideration in choosing home furniture; you will use furniture only if it is functional. Japanese home design never includes the specific description about decoration.

Traditional Japanese Home Design

This design tends to let the space empty or removing unnecessary fixtures intentionally to reflect the quietness and essence of living.

The Traditional Japanese Home Design Concept

Traditional Japanese HomeThe concept of Zen philosophy is more reflected on the traditional Japanese home design concept rather than the modern ones. Traditional Japanese houses do not have hard partition to divide rooms. The entire house is just one big open space, and rooms only separate by using the shoji, the paper sliding doors that can be remove any time to get more open space. The traditional Japanese home design is also trying to combine the interior and exterior elements. You will not find any decoration more than one vase of flowers; no sofa, no cabinets. One table with several pillows to be seated is enough to decorate the room.

Unfortunately, the old Japanese home design concept is now rarely to be found. Though strictly hold the functional and simplicity concept this design require large space, and large amount of land available for home is quite hard to find nowadays while the availability of the land itself are getting scarce each year.

The Modern Japanese Home Design Concept

Modern Japanese HomeBasically, the modern Japanese home design concept still use the Zen philosophy as their basic way of live, but it is now have been modify so much. The functional use of space is still very much seen on the home design. The atmosphere that is generate by Japanese home design is still seems to be cold and quite. And this also reflects at the colors and material choice. Metal, glass, leather, and ceramic seems to be the favorite option for modern Japanese home design. By using these materials, the entire home design will looks very bright and translucent, because each material reflects the light perfectly to every corner of the space. The color that is common to use for this design are silver, black, green, and light blue; cold colors that will complete the quietness of space. The difference may be seen on the decoration that is placed neatly on one cabinet, and some plants place in a corner of the house.

If we compare the two Japanese home designs and how the old traditional design still reflect very much on the modern design. From here, we can see that culture plays an important role on building design. Japanese home design reflects the personality of Japanese perfectly and shows their beliefs and way of life.