Japanese Home Interior Design Ideas

Japanese home interior design ideas known as its consistency with natural adaptable style, the use of neutral and material that is adapted from the nature, the simple and elegant beauty. The traditional Japanese home design identical with the use of wooden furniture and paper as its basic interior separator, every space is well designed so it can blend one another symmetrically and open with the environment outside. However, the modern Japanese home interior design ideas tend to use the concept of simple quietude (known as ‘wabi’) and the elegant simplicity (known as ‘sabi’) — look like it still consistent with the concept of simplicity the traditional Japanese home design brought.

Japanese Home Interior

If you currently looking for Japanese home interior design ideas, you can firstly think about the basic material use to decorate the interior; it usually anything made from Cane, washi paper, wood, tatami, or bamboo. You can choose the simple space separator made of combination of washi paper and bamboo or plywood, the tatami style for your living room, put pot of the small bamboo plants in one corner of your home, of hang the Japanese paintings on your wall. Other way, choose collection of ceramic pots, vase, and bowl as your display.

Modern Japanese Home Interior Design

Suitable colors use to make Japanese home design are green tea, vermilion, indigo, gold, black (or known as ‘sumi’ black), and of course, the color of bright wooden – bamboo or plywood – or shades of browns. The modern version of Japanese home interior design using modern colors like stained steel, glass, and black; you will also find out that sometimes the modern Japanese home are designed with the absentee of wooden furniture, but still stick to the concept of simplicity, quite, elegant and greenery.

The most common style of Japanese home interior design concepts are the open air, natural lighting, zen style, and co habitation with the living environment or nature.