Kids Bedroom Wall Decor

A wall in your kids bedroom is like a canvas for your creativity. You can always choose whatever color or whatever pattern to put on it as long as it is the one that your kid’s love the most. Since the options are limitless, some parents are confused on how to choose the right decorations for their children’s room wall but here are some kids bedroom wall decor ideas that can be your references.

Kids Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas

The first thing that you need to do before putting everything randomly on your wall is thinking about the theme. The theme is used as your frame, so your decorations will have a unified idea which can be deciphered easily by everyone who stays in the bedroom. A unified ideas giving your kids bedroom wall decor the feeling of familiarity and order. Putting random objects in whatever manner will confuse your children and anyone who stays in there.

The next is be creative in using various elements for your kid’s bedroom wall decor. You can start with the easiest and cheapest one which is murals in painting. Murals are not only easier to fix or repaint whenever your kid wants another theme in the future but also the easiest to make among the rest. Paint your wall in various colors. Do it with your children so your children will feel that it belongs to them and thus they need to take care of it more carefully. But if drawing is not your virtue, you can always have professionals do it for you.

Kids Bedroom Wall Decor

The next is porters. posters are the second cheapest of kids bedroom wall decor ideas. Posters can be bought in stores or internet with affordable price. Adjust the poster’s picture and design with your kid’s bedroom theme or favorite things such as quotes, figures or sportsman. Always remember that less is better. Putting too many posters in you kid’s bedroom wall decor will make your wall seems packed up and busy. Put one or two big posters areĀ  enough.

Use your kid’s collection of toys and favorite belongings. If your kids value their tink tank soldiers so much, you can arrange them artistically and hang them on your wall. Hanging your kid’s teddy bears and Disney character’s plushiest are okay too as long as you arrange them neatly. For another options, if your kid loves nature, you can always add plants on your walls. Games accessories such as darts and small basket balls are good for your boys too. If you are into glow in the dark stuffs, you can stick them on your wall and ceiling as your kids bedroom wall decor.

Make sure that whatever decorations you choose for your kids bedroom wall decor, you always need to consider your kid’s safety first. Do not choose decorations that will easily fall on them, having dangerous chemical substance and sharp edges to prevent the injury.