Kitchen Colors with Dark Wood Cabinets

Kitchen colors with dark wood cabinets can look a lot more expensive than they are. Dark wood kitchen cabinets look elegant, brighter with its own way, and look a lot cleaner. Dark wood kitchen cabinets also easier to be match with other colors. Many modern kitchen designs right now use dark kitchen cabinet as its main décor. Because it’s a good combination with futuristic design like glass, marble, and stones.

Kitchen Design with Dark Wood Cabinets

To get classic and old look of kitchen colors with dark wood cabinets, simply choose the dark wooden brown with combination of marble and the same color of wooden brown kitchen cabinet to get some sparkle accent. Proper lighting from chandelier will enhance the clean and expensive atmosphere on the entire kitchen. Combine the dark wood cabinet with modern kitchen decorations like induction stove, and corner kitchen sink.

Simple black dark wood kitchen cabinet can be perfectly match with white marble, cream background, and other bright colors like red, yellow, green, and maroons. Black will a lot look more modern than brown. You also can use black wooden kitchen cabinets to get rustic design with this color. Put proper amount of lighting put it tight beneath the cabinets so it can give shines to white marble above. The beauty can coming from the fluorescent effect of marble and lights.

Replace the lamps underneath the cabinets with chandelier made of glass and modern cram chair around Kitchen Island. This can also be use as the dining table. Put flowers as decoration in the center of kitchen table. The flowers can sweeten the whole kitchen design; it’s like sparkle of colors among the dark atmosphere.

Kitchen colors with dark wood cabinets can be arrange to create different atmosphere and types of kitchen, depend on the decoration use.