Kitchen Colors with Oak Cabinets

Kitchen colors with oak cabinets may not be as many as other hardwood kitchen cabinet. Oak has bright golden brownish colors, showing both light and dark colors of woods at the same time and can make your kitchen look very elegant and expensive. Oak also one of hardwoods that will increases your kitchen investment at high rate. However, if you intend to decorate your kitchen with oak cabinets, there are some suggestions you can use to get your kitchen still gain its beauty without reducing its investment value.

Kitchen Colors with Oak Cabinets

When you choose oak cabinet as your main decorative furnish in your kitchen, there are three general rules in choosing colors that is better for you to follow. The first thing you should keep in mind is oak color with goes to any neutral colors. If you want to make the oak cabinetry become the center of attention, use shades of white or light browns, or combination of the two. For example, colors your kitchen wall with plain white, natural light will make your oak cabinet shows a golden glow, and will attract every eye to your cabinet.

Pastel Kitchen Colors with Dark Oak Cabinets

Other most suitable kitchen colors with oak cabinets are any darker colors, and pastels. Use darker styles like dark brown or black. This way your cabinetry will stands out beautifully. You can also add more bright colors in like red cherry for the curtain or rugs. Of if you want to bring cooler sense, you can choose forest green or ocean blue to replace the cherry red. If you prefer to go for softer atmosphere, choose pastel colors to realize this. Any pastel colors will brighten the colors of your oak cabinetry. To lighter the hints lights of oak, you can add the furniture that is made from pine.

Kitchen colors with oak cabinets will goes more effectively with neutral colors, darker colors, and pastels.