Kitchen Island with Sink Ideas

Kitchen Island with sink ideas are establishes long time ago, but still considers as one of modern kitchen design ideas. Traditionally, kitchen sink are placed at the cabinetry, right beside the cooking area areas. However kitchen sink that is place at the kitchen island to complete your cutting area, usually found at the smaller size of home or apartment where you only have small size of space to be set as the working (cooking, cutting, and washing) area. If you combine the kitchen island and kitchen sink, you will save spaces, and only have to put other table to put your kitchen island with sink ideas on another side of your cabinet area.

Kitchen Island with Sink Ideas

At the first time it is establish, the kitchen island with sink ideas are consider as modern furniture for modern kitchen style. But nowadays, you can customize the kitchen sink with your favorite theme like traditional design, vintage design, rustic design, Mediterranean style, etc. the key is to change the material use for the table, colors choice, kitchen wall, kitchen backsplash, flooring, and other kitchen elements.

Kitchen Island with Sink Designs

For example, if you intend to have vintage kitchen design with Kitchen Island with sink in it, you can simply build the kitchen table with painted hardwood, the same colors or any colors that will match perfectly with the cabinetry. Don’t forget to add accents or detail like your cabinetry has, if there is any. To make it softer like vintage styles do, give more attention to your choice of colors, amount of lighting and decoration. Add a vase of flowers, wall decorative painting, small figurines on the table, or simply fruits on the bowl to improve the design.

Kitchen Island with Sink and Dishwasher

Kitchen Island with Sink and Seating

Kitchen Island with sink not only suitable for modern kitchen design styles, you can also have vintage, rustic, or traditional kitchen design by using this kitchen island. You only have to adjust the detail, colors, and accent to build complete kitchen design theme.