Large Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Large living room wall decorating ideas are more various and let you combine, mix and match the furniture, decoration, colors, and print a lot easier. You also will have bigger chance to create or combining themes. You don’t have to worry about the decoration that will make your living room look clutter, or if the decoration use more space. And this interesting chance also goes to wall decorating ideas. In smaller living room, you will find many limitations in creating wall decorating. Less is better; and you will have very plain living room wall decorating. Sometimes, natural paint colors are enough to make a total effect on wall decorating.

Large Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Large living room wall decorating ideas include more than just setting the paint or texture on wallpaper. Large living room will let you to add art, shelves, fabric, or even texture made by combination of colors. Art for larger living room wall not only consist of paints, or photographs. There is more you can do to be more and more creative:

  • Think about placing the bamboo blinds on some strategic place on your living room wall or plywood layout as other additional attractive material decorating ideas.
  • Place tall tropical plant like banana, palm, or even bamboo to decorate the corner of your living room rather than put a vase of fresh flower on a table. Flower pot with attractive colors also will add more energetic atmosphere.
  • Hang a big photograph of your beloved ones; combine it with large fabric, poster, or pictures to minimize the empty or sense of blank on your large wall.
  • You can easily set a concrete or stone fireplace on one side of your wall if you like. So you will have natural stone beside wood, bamboo or fabric.

How To Decorate Long Living Room Wall

Decorating Large Living Room Wall

Large living room wall decorating ideas offer larger chance to create or combine new themes. This can be a good chance for creative people.