Large Rugs for Living Room

Large rugs for living room, why not? Rugs are usually only set to cover area for sofa and the table. Rugs are also identical with the warm atmosphere, and indeed made to make the living room more comfortable, warm, and entertaining whenever you spend your time there. There are many types and shape of rugs, that seem will not make a huge difference or bring many influence to your living room decoration but will bring different sense whatsoever.

Large Area Rugs for Living Room

There is one question that is often being asked like the color suitable, the shape, or even the basic material for the fabric. Actually the basic instructions to choose the right large rugs for living room include:

  • The suitable size of the rug and how it can match the size of your living room and the area or piece of furniture that will be cover by the rugs. Large rugs for living room can be use for high traffic areas in the living room or use to stained carpet.
  • Set the colors of your living room with the specific area rugs, watch the theme you use. Make sure the colors well matched.
  • Larger rugs are good stuff to group the furniture together. Square rugs better use for this purpose.
  • Larger rugs or simply a rug can make the space look larger than it is. If you intend to make your space look smaller, you can use dark colored or dark patterned rugs and otherwise to make larger sense.
  • To reduce the size of the rugs, whenever you have larger rugs, simply put the legs of sofa on the rugs with back legs off, some front legs on, or all legs of sofa on the rugs.

Larger rugs for living room can be set such way to make your living room more comfortable. Play with prints and colors are also can create the same good result.