LED Strip Stair Lights the Micro Illumination

Now, we will discuss more about LED strip stair lights in this article. LED strip light is kind of LED lamp in ribbon shape. The ribbon is typically designed to suit the micro bulb model on the lamp. Well, as the latest lamp technology, LED strip light is designed more compact and even tinier than common lamp bulb. With its tiny size, LED light offers brighter calm light to illuminate certain areas inside or outside the house. Let’s talk about it in more detail below.

LED Strip Stair Lights for Indoor Staircase

LED light offers so many color options to choose. It is chosen according to the entire home interior decorating concept. Blue, pink, red, yellow, white, and green are several favorite LED light colors currently. LED strip stair lights have a basic design to distinguish it from another. It is long, thin, and small enough to be invisible at day. It is available in different size and length. So try to measure your staircase firstly when you are going to install this LED light for staircase illumination.

Ribbon shape looks simple with some micro light bulbs attached on it. This basic shape of LED strip stair lights is certainly perfect to save more space on the edge of staircase. First thing first in the staircase light installation project, you must ensure to measure how long the LED light ribbon that you will need. Try to choose the right position where the light would be on the staircase such as step or standing space between the steps.

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LED Strip Stair Lights for Outdoor Staircase

If you want to create elegant accent on the outdoor illumination, try to choose deep scheme for the LED light. Deep blue, green and pink can energize staircase in the deck area. You may install the LED strip stair lights on the tip of staircase step or inner side of the step area for better light effect.