Lighting Ideas for Kitchen

Lighting ideas for kitchen ideally are adjust based on the location and design you intended to create. The lighting also the major factor that in forming atmosphere, especially at night. There are five ideal lighting ideas for kitchen that you can arrange to put to your entire cooking area. First is the ambient light, task light, accent light, decorative light and natural light. Each of lighting has function, effect, and role to create atmosphere. The right combination of lighting types will allow you to do your cooking activities safely while creating comfortable environment at the same time.

Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Ambient lighting is arranged to create an overall illumination. Ambient light can be place above your Kitchen Island or dining room. Hang it high so it can give total lighting to the entire space. Place this lighting around the kitchen cabinet on the ceiling as well or around the cabinet top. Make sure you choose fluorescent lighting to ease the maintenance.

Task light useful to enhance the efficiency and safety around kitchen, especially in work areas. Put it on the cutting and washing areas, under the cabinet bottoms or at the top of splash back. Task light under the cabinet fixtures also allowed. The use of task light is depending on the size of the kitchen. One task light for entire lighting sometimes enough to give ideal amount of lighting.

Accent light and decorative light is rather optional. This usually uses to give specific features in your kitchen. If you intend to have kitchen with deep architectural design, the use of accent lighting may be required. Place it around the cabinet; inside, over, or under. And decorative light can be place above the kitchen island.

Natural light comes from your window. Many architect and interior design see this as the most important factor of ideal kitchen. Natural light can elevate the atmosphere and mood as well as make your kitchen looks larger.


Good combination among five ideal lighting ideas for kitchen let you cook safely, and increase your investment.