Living Room Color Schemes

Living room color schemes can be various. Choosing the right color scheme is not as easy as it may sounds. Even you have a good taste of colors, you still have to at least follow one or two rules how to make a good combination, effect, suitable atmosphere, and many other more.

Living Room Color Schemes

The first thing you should consider when you start to make color schemes to decorate your home is choose the largest pattern you have in the living room, and set a color scheme for it. For example you have a large piece of paintings or carpet, set your favorite color schemes for this artwork or furniture with consider the color of your background. If your wall paint color is neutral, you can set other natural and soft colors like beige and white. You can also combine this natural color schemes with bold color like you have in your largest pattern in the living room.

Other way is set for the theme first; the main atmosphere you intend to generate in your living room. Fresh, vibrant and fun color scheme for living room can be generate by combining red, blue, tan and vibrant green. These colors are the natural colors that will match will most of colors. Luxurious living room color scheme can be created through the use if red or maroon color for the background. Combine it with grey, shades of brown, tan and white.

Brown Living Room Color Schemes

More classic living room color scheme can easily be created by using blue which is combining with green undertones. You can also add light brown, white, orange, and grey to make it look calmer. The last theme possible is the neutral living room color schemes that may require lighter combination of colors. Rich tan color can help the d├ęcor; combine it with light blue, cream, brown, white, and black.

Color schemes for living room based on the theme are natural, fresh and vibrant, classic, luxurious.