Modern Canopy Bed Ideas 2013

Many styles of beds can be chosen, an exotic look bed will be appeared on modern canopy bed. Many types of beds such as sleigh bed, platform bed, and canopy bed can be considerate. Whether you are using regular bed or canopy bed, it is better for you to consider the size and decor of your room. However, canopy bed always attracts my attention.

Modern Canopy Bed vs. Standard Bed

What makes modern canopy bed different from other types of bed? A standard bed typically consists of a headboard, bed frame, and footboard. For addition, canopy bed exists with four tall posts which extend upward then creates a roof over of the bed. While some people let the bed bare, canopy bed drops fabric to make a canopy. Modern wood canopy bed can look modern yet classic.

Modern Canopy Bed Accessories

The uniqueness of this modern canopy bed makes me fall in love. Other regular beds only have standard form of bed, while canopy brings the luxurious, and glamour look of your bed by the addition of fabric. Canopy beds are often made from wood or metal. This modern canopy bed comes just in simply way without ornaments of carvings. On the other hand, traditional canopy bed has carved wood ornament on the headboard and posts.

Simple Modern Canopy Bed

Black and White Modern Canopy Bed

Modern Canopy Bed

Black Modern Canopy BedBlack Modern Canopy Bed

Actually, standard and canopy bed have come in various sizes, from single, twin up to king. Modern canopy bed ideas is often pricey than standard bed. If price is a great issue, you are able to make the canopy by yourself by hanging curtains from the ceilings and then draping them around your bed. Many varieties of curtains will offer you a changeable appearance too. Ruffle curtain fabric is famous since it gives you Victorian look. Sheer netting curtain has also dominated the option for homeowners. Accessories like rope and hook are also available in decorating your modern canopy bed.