Modern Home Office Design

Modern home office design may have the same basic instructions when it comes to planning, choosing material, furniture function, mixing colors, and layout designs. It would be like repeating the same concept all over again. Well, the concept indeed base on the efficiency and effectiveness in using space. The furniture needed to make your home office functional is also still the same; consist of desk, end table, lighting fixtures, computer, storages, printer, and electrical plug in.

Actually, the difference between the modern home office design and other home office is the furniture choice; the shape, color options, lighting and sometimes, if possible, the spaces needed. Modern home office design is focusing to enhance comfort while working by designing new themes.

Modern Home Office Design Modern Home Office Design

These new themes are derive from the psychological believe that better working performance generate by comfort, happiness, and passion while working.

Modern Office Design Basic Instructions

Just to remind you about basic instruction when you build a modern home offices design, here we give a short overview about an ideal modern office home design.
1. Choose a comfortable location that would generate ambient temperature.
2. Adequate both natural lighting and other source of light. Make sure that your home office has wide access to sunlight in daytime.
3. You can choose different combination shades of colors. Make sure the color options will reflect the expected mood. Avoid over bright colors, use light color that would generate warmth effect or cool colors that would give soothing effect.
4. Placed adequate storage, and cabinet if needed to put your file and books.
5. Put computers, printers, fax machine, and telephone close each other.

Modern Home Office Furniture

Modern Home Office Furniture Modern Home Office Design

Modern office furniture is made to be a great mood booster in offices. The usual furniture like grey small chair, grey small computer desk, grey or white filling cabinet, plastic waste paper basket and grey-white partition to put you in a small box are made and place like that to meet the space efficiency, not to boost your working performance, productivity or creativity. If this furniture would put you into boredom, get rid of it. You have a better choice to make your modern home office feel more comfortable.

Instead of boring grey chair, you can put big comfortable leather chair, various colors of saddle chair that will erect your posture and has an antique shape. Or if you are run an innovation business or art, don’t be afraid to put red bean bags so that you can have interesting informal meeting space or meeting bed in your home office floor design.

Have you seen the art table? This beautiful weird desk will surely enhance your modern home office atmosphere. This desk available in various kinds of colors, usually as bright as colors you usually see in children drawing book. Definitely will lighten up your entire room! And instead of boring rigid white partition, you can place twisted partition to divide your office spaces based on its function. This flexible partition made form paper and felt core. You can set it up as you like and will not blocking the sun light, even if it has dark color.

The point to designing a modern home office design is how brave you are to play with shapes, bright colors, and lighting. In the end your home office would manifest your expectation and generate emotion right exactly you want.